Possible Infection 2 Years After Surgery?

My surgery was more than 2 years ago Lately I notice some kind of liquid gets out from where it was supposed to be the scar. I supposed it was pus. My nose doesnt swell or anything! I'm very worried if I have to go under a surgery (or worse have the silicon removed) Is my condition a bad one?

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Nasal Infection after Silicone Implant

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Infection or rejection are two possile complications after silicone nasal implants. See your surgeon ASAP. Antibiotics will be prescribed if an infection is present, although it is difficult to successfully treat this when  foreigh material, like your implant., is present. It may be necessary to remove the silicone graft. Another implant or a graft using you own cartilage can be used during revision surgery after treatment of the infection.

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Infection possible years after rhinoplasty with implant

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Any type of liquid that is coming out from an incision in the nose after Asian rhinoplasty needs to be addressed immediately. This could potentially be an infection of a silastic implant that was placed across the bridge or the tip. If there is an infection, the silicone will have to be removed. This can progress to skin necrosis, which would be disastrous. See your surgeon immediately.

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Please see your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for evaluation of drainage from your Rhinoplasty scar.

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Since you have a Silastic implant in your nose, drainage from your incision is infection until proven otherwise. This may respond to a course of antibiotics, and you may not need to have your implant removed.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Possible infection 2 years after surgery

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Sounds like a subacute infection in the silicone implant. High dose of very specific antibiotics or surgery to remove are the only options. Best of luck.

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Silastic Implant Rhinoplasty

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If you had a silicone implant it is very possible that it is infected now. What you describe sounds like a chronic indolent infection of the implant. If that is the case, the implant needs to be removed and wait for the infection to clear and then put the implant back.



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Silicone impants and Infections

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It is not unheard of to have long term infections in grafts placed anywhere on the body. With autografts (your own tissue such as cartilage or bone) this is not the case.

However, with foreign materials like silicone, medpore, prolene, etc. infections can occur anytime. It can even happen after minor nasal trauma. That is why, with the exception of extreme circumstances, I avoid using these materials.

While you may be able to quiet the infection down with antibiotics, some infections require graft removal.

You should see someone very soon to maximize your chance of keeping the graft.

Best of luck.

Richard W. Westreich, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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