Post-septoplasty and turbinate reduction, is it normal for a physician to tell you to avoid irrigation until stents are removed?

I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction 5 days ago (12/19/13). My septum was 90% deviated with a bone spur. I went in for packing removal and debridement Day 2, and another check and debridement Day 5. Splints should be removed Day 8. I have saline and nasacort AQ, along with oral antibiotics and prednisone. I feel like I should irrigate, but my doctor said not to until after the stents are removed. I've read a lot of instructions from other doctors otherwise?

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Irrigation Post Septoplasty

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Listen to your surgeon and abide by the advice and post operative instructions. If your surgeon wanted you to irrigate, your surgeon would have told you so.

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