Post Sclerotherapy Lumps and Staining

Thanks in advance for your help.I have had a few sessions of sclerotherapy for both varicose and spider veins. I am still dealing with staining from sessions I had two years ago. The doctor says that they will eventually fade away but everything i read says i should have seen more improvement by now. Fast forward to a month and a half ago, I had a two touch up sessions due two my curse. I had a small to medium vein in my calf shot. It is now a bluish red color and hard even after one draing. Help?

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Reduce pigmentation following sclerotherapy - Scleroquin cream

Hyperpigmentation can occur after sclerotherapy and usually resolves in most cases. As stated elsewhere, it is important to wear compression stockings following sclerotherapy to reduce the likelihood and extent of hyperpigmentation. In our practice, we also recommend the use of cremes to accelerate the healing process - Scleroquin, available on the link below. 

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Staining is difficult to treat.

Unfortunately, staining can and does occur following sclerotherapy.  Fortunately, it is not a common occurrence.  Most staining will spontaneously resolve over one year but could take as long as 2 years and, sometimes, it will not resolve.  There are things that can be tried to help to eliminate staining including laser treatments especial Q-switch.  Bleaching creams can be of some benefit and I have had some success with an over the counter item called Bag Balm which contains hydroquinolone.  However, there is no treatment that is completely successful and most treatments will not make a difference. With time and patience most staining will improve.  I would also recommend that you have a full venous reflux evaluation. I have seen patients come to me for staining and a reflux exam revealed malfunctioning valves.  Once these are treated, the staining has improved.  Lastly, the treated vein which is red and hard is a result of the sclerotherapy and this can occur.  I would apply warm compresses and let this heal.

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Staining and lumps after sclerotherapy

if the localized clots in the veins are extracted a short time after the sclerotherapy, there may be less risk of iron deposits (hemosiderin staining) in the dermis. Possibly some of the vitamin K creams and warm compresses might help, but too hot can cause hyperpigmentation and the doctor may advise you against warm compresses if it might decrease the effectiveness of the vein injections.

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Pigment and stains 2 years after sclerotherapy

There are two types of stains after sclero, hemosiderin which is iron that leaks in the the skin when the vein is punctured, and melanin which occurs secondary to inflammation and sun exposure (called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIP).  Hemosiderin resolves very slowly over years and there is little that will improve it except for patience.  PIP can be improved with any laser that affects melanin, like the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. It usually takes several treatments but improvement is likely.

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