Post rhinoplasy/septioplasty bruising. Is it normal? (photo)

I had surgery 4 weeks ago and the left side of my nose seems to have a large lump that's making the nose look uneven. I had osteotomies done as well. The bruising in the bridge isn't going away either, is that typical or should I be worried?

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Bruising is usually gone by 2 weeks.

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Everyone is different in the way that they heal following surgery. The bruising you show at 4 weeks does not appear to be normal I would consult your surgeon first and if that is not helpful you may want a second opinion. I get the sense that there is a graft under the skin or large open roof that has a large clot filling it. 

Good luck with your healing. Hope this helps.

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Postoperative bruising after rhinoplasty: what is normal?

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It is normal to have brusing after rhinoplasty particularly on the side of the nose, and underneath the eyes medially after osteotomies.  The bruising underneath your eyes usually resolves within 2 weeks. Occasionally there can be bruising over the bridge of the nose, but that usually resolves would be rare to persist after 7-10 days.  The appearance you have at 4 weeks is unusual...and raises the question of thin skin, and some kind of graft underneath. In any case, I would definitely consult with your surgeon, and with some sense of urgency if the discoloration is getting worse.

Post rhinoplasty/septoplasty bruising. Is it normal?

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     I would see your surgeon to evaluate your nose as this appearance is not the norm.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Post rhinoplasty/ septoplasty bruising

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Dear Zepp,
I would not say that is normal.  I suggest that you see your surgeon for a postoperative appointment to address your concerns as soon as possible. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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