Uneven Results. Is This Just Swelling 1 Week Post-Rhinoplasty?

I am one week post op and my nose looks like it's swollen unevenly. Is this normal? It looks very crooked and looks as though the cast did it injustice. Also, my base doesn't look narrower. I had expressed my concern for the wide base to my doctor before the rhinoplasty. Can you tell me if I look like a normal post op patient? I think I look very unnatural.

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Uneven result one week after rhinoplasty

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If the nose is obviously crooked then I would consider revision within 10d of surgery. If it's just swollen, then you need to wait 6mo. 

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Uneven Rhinoplasty

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You have to give yourself some more healing time and I would assume it would still be swollen after only one week as the cast was just removed that initailly held all of the swelling in.  Your nose is going to be swollen for a while and you should be consulting the surgeon that performed the procedure but give yourself some time before going back in so some of it can subside. You are just at the beginning of the healing process.

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Uneven Results. Is This Just Swelling 1 Week Post-Rhinoplasty?

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Swelling one week after rhinoplasty is normal. There is swelling in the tissues through and through and swelling may be uneven depending on the dissection during the procedure. You need to give your nose time to heal before you see your final results. If you are concerned about asymmetries, address these concerns with your surgeon at your next post-operative visit.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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