Post-rhinoplasty - Nostrils Are Exposed / Visible - Options?

I recently had a rhinoplasty (for deviated septum + hump on the bridge). Positives - The hump is gone and the septum is ok and the tip of the nose is slimmer. Concern - the nose tip has been raised exposing the nostrils a bit more than I would have liked. also, nostrils look asymmetrical. It has been 2 weeks since operation. The doc who did the procedure suggests that I should wait for 3 months before I seek any change. I want to find out what and when (earliest) can be done? Please advise.

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Nostrils Exposed

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It sounds like your tip may be over-projected thereby exposing your nostrils. Since its early after the surgery this may be due to swelling and may resolve. Three months is a good time to wait for resolution, so hang in there a little longer...



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