4 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty and Nose isn't Any Smaller, Should I Consider Revision? (photo)

Hello, Almost 4 months ago I had an open rhinoplasty on the bridge and tip, after the operation doctor said nose will be smaller after swelling gone, but as time passing by, it's still the same- quite big ( on my slender face) . Shell I consider correction? Thank you.

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Rhinoplasty Revision

Hello, I'm sorry you're not happy with the result of your rhinoplasty, however,  four months is too soon to be able to determine the final result of your procedure.  It typically takes from 6-12 months for contour changes to be fully realized.  Any treatment prior to that time has a very high risk of complications .  In my practice, I never revise a rhinoplasty prior to 12 months.  From your profile picture, it looks like you have a nice result.  Stay in good communication with your plastic surgeon at your post-op visits and don't consider a revision until after a full year. 

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