Post Rhinoplasty Injury?

I had an Open rhinoplasty to reduce the size of my bridge and fix my droopy tip. I'm now 6 months post op and this morning whilst playing football I injured my nose. As I turned another players arm came straight across and hit me in the middle of my nose. There was some pain mainly on the bridge, and some bleeding which stopped after 5 mins. This was 2 hours ago, I can now feel a small bump on the bridge and visually I can see the tiny bump. It's still slightly sore. What do I do? Help?

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Nasal trauma after rhinoplasty

I think you should see your doctor. An evaluation is important to make sure there is not a  hematoma inside the nose. As for the small bump, this is likely swelling on the bridge. Cold compresses will help. 

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Post-rhinoplasty trauma

If you have a visible bump on your nose, you may want to see your doctor to be properly evaluated to make sure nothing is wrong or to see if something needs to be corrected.

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