Post Rhinoplasty- Do I Need Kenalog Shots?

I had an open rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago to remove my hump, narrow my bulbous nose and lift the tip. I know I still have a lot more time/healing to go but this is bothering me. My right upper bridge (your left) seems to have a small hard bump and under the bump there's a tiny dent, yet the left upper bridge (your right) looks and feels normal (no bumps/dents and feels smooth). Should I be considered? I feel like my frontal view looks asymmetrical, and would the kenalog shots help or make it worse?

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Kennalog injections after rhinoplasty

I use kennalog injections in about 80% of people following open rhinoplasty to reduce swelling in the nasal tip the second week after surgery.  It sounds like some of the issues you are concerned about are on the "bridge" of the nose and kennalog would not be injected there.   It is normal to feel asymmetries both before and after rhinoplasty.   See your surgeon if you are concerned.  

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Post Rhinoplasty- Do I Need Kenalog Shots?

I would suggest watchful waiting at this time.  If there is still significant fullness and you are worried about scar formation at around 8 weeks, then I would visit with your surgeon for the possible option of a kenalog injection.  But be careful with this decision.  Steriod injections act to thin the skin and scar tissue...depending on the issue this can actual accentuate and worsen the palpable deformity.  Time is really the best manner in which to manage the nose postoperatively.  Continue to hang in there and be patient. 

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