Post Rhinoplasty and Node Still Looks Bent - Doctor Said "Don't Worry, It'll Be Fine", Possible My Nose Will Straighten More?

I had rhinoplasty done as my nose was lower and really bent to the left. I just had the cast off today but it still looks to the left. There's obviously an improvement but considering the surgeon said it'll be straight I'm kind of disappointed. He said that basically the nose needs to set and pushed it over a little more and put a new cast which he will remove in 5 days. Does anyone think it's possible my nose will go straighter than in the photos? The photo in the kitchen is before.... Thanks!

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Crooked or Twisted Nose

I never promise any patient that has a crooked nose that their nose will be perfectly straight after rhinoplasty.  It is one of the hardest things to get just right.  That being said, it is far too early to comment at one week after surgery.  You still have too much swelling.  Also, if he manipulated your nasal bones after the initial cast was removed, it is possible that he was able to move them over a bit more.

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Early post-op rhinoplasty

At about one week post-op the nose is going to be very swollen.  However, if the nose is really off to one side it most likely will stay that way.

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Post Rhinoplasty and Node Still Looks Bent - Doctor Said "Don't Worry, It'll Be Fine", Possible My Nose Will Straighten More?

      It is very early, and I think that you should follow with your surgeon at this point.



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Correction of a Crooked Nose

The appearance of a crooked nose is caused by external and internal structures. Unless all of the affected anatomic structures are corrected the nose will remain crooked. It takes significant experience and talent to correct a crooked nose. Of course there could be some limitations in what can be achieved, in most cases severely crooked nose can be significantly centered. It is difficult to predict whether your nose will straighten more as you heal. In my practice, typically we see the result of correction of the crooked nose immediately upon removal of the splint.

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