Post-Rhino Bruising - What's Wrong with Heparinoid Cream?

I looked at the answers from doctors on this subject and was surprised this treament was not mentioned. Heparinoid cream is used in the treatment of thrombophlebitis and helps to reduce the associated bruising. I was pretty shocked by the extensive black bruises around my eyes and cheeks following a tip rhino/alar base reduction, but Heparinoid cream quickly took this away....

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Creams for post rhinoplasty bruising

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Many surgeons use different things for bruising. I make sure my patients are off of aspirin, aspirin containing compounds, herbs, vitamins and other blood thinners to help avoid excessive bruising. Many patients will use arnica gel or tablets also to help with the bruising. I will look into heperanoid cream...always open to new tips! Best regards!

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