Can post procedure bruising/sensation be indicative of results and can diff. body areas differ in responsiveness to treatment?

I just underwent a coolsculpting procedure in which i had a large applicator applied to my lower abdomen and a small applicator applied to each of my love handles. post procedure the two areas feel different in terms of sensation. the love handles seem to be more "numb" and bruised slightly more. also, when the applicators were initially remvoved, the love handles held the protruding shape induced by the suction of the applicator more than my abdomen.

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Coolsculpting and results

The best results for Coolsculpting can be achieved by going to a board certified dermatologist experienced with Coolsculpting.  The degree of bruising or numbness can vary in different areas.  Coolsculpting is a great procedure for reducing a bulge in the abdomen and love handles and the inner and and outer thighs.

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Results not determined by bruising

Although bruising and swelling can occur with CoolSculpting, the extend of both of these are not markers for level of fat loss. In my experience, every patients discomfort or sensations vary although most patients do very well with no down time. The "numb" feeling you are experiencing is normal and should subside with time.

It is very important to go to a top provider of CoolSculpting in  your area. Top providers are able to offer buy one area and get a second free.

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Can post procedure bruising/sensation be indicative of results and can diff. body areas differ in responsiveness to treatment?

The level of bruising or numbness is not predictive of your final results, at all. Patients have variable experiences in terms of bruising and numbness and the experience can vary among body sites within a single patient.

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Is post CoolSculpting bruising/sensation indicative of results?

The amount of bruising or numbness after CoolSculpting is not indicative of the results that can be achieved. Bruising may or may not occur after the treatment but some temporary numbness normally does occur to some extent. Good results can be achieved whether there is bruising or not and the amount of numbness is not related to results as well. Different body areas can differ in the degree of improvement, but this is related more to the amount of fat that can be drawn into the applicator. Sometimes there may be more fat on the abdomen than love handles and sometimes it is the opposite. There should still be improvement in the area as long as some of the fat is treated.

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