Stomach Sticking out Around the Belly Button

I had a a son 17 months ago and I don't have muscle separation. I've been doing Pilates for 4 months now. I've noticed a difference on the sides and more firmness, but right around my belly button, my stomach still sticks out, it's almost like everything just falls out! Will I have to deal with this forever, or is there a procedure for this? Is it something else I'm not aware of?

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This can be fixed

 You either have a rectus diastasis in which the two sit up muscles have separated and need to be repaired, or you may have a hernia around or in the umbilicus.  Best to see a plastic surgeon and a general surgeon to see which it is.  You don't need to live with this forever.

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See a specialist regarding your lax abdomen

You say it is not a muscle separation but you are describing what sounds exactly like a muscle separation. It could also be a relatively large ventral or umbilcal hernia.

YOu would best be served by seing a general surgeon. You may require diagnostic imaging such as an ultrasound or MRI or CT scan to delineate the problem.

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