Treatment for Post Pregnancy Sagging Belly Skin?

I had a baby at the end of April. During my pregnancy, I developed toxemia, became very swollen and gained even more weight. I gained a total of 75 pounds. I have lost all but 20 pounds, but now I do have a lot of saggy, loose skin on my belly. How do I get rid of it?

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You can do some things on your own for a tighter tummy

The post-pregnancy tummy usually has some loose skin, muscle laxity, and also extra fat.

Things you can do on your own include diet to get rid of your "baby fat" and abdominal excercises to tone the abdominal muscles. The loose skin is harder to tighten, but good nutrition can help.

If you have gone as far as you can go doing the above, tightening the skin and restoring the muscles to their pre-pregnancy condition may require a tummy tuck. Non-surgical skin tightening using Refirme or Thermage may offer results for patients with minimal skin laxity.

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