Are Post Phenol Peel Results Permanent?

Also, can it be given in higher concentrations for a stronger bleaching effect? I have really dark acne scars on my face and back. My acne scars are dark because I tan a lot. Will the area of skin affected by the phenol peel ever be able to tan again? Also, about the acne scars on my back, is there a peel that can bleach those too, with permanent or even semi permanent results? If so, can that peel be used on the entire exterior body? My knees and elbow are darker than skin surrounding them.

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Are post phenol peel results permanent?

  First, I would like to say that I appreciate your alliteration.  There are a lot of P's in your question!

Yes, phenol peel results can last a long time.  Not all phenol peels are the same and this ingredient is often mixed with others to vary the concentration, so there are different types of phenol peels.  I am most familiar with the Hetter Peeling Procedure and we have had spectacular results with it (see my website for examples) but there are others.  But any resurfacing procedure must be tempered when treating non-facial areas

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