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I had two Pearl Laser treatments done primarily for acne scarring. The first had great results, but the second one had me fighting constant breakouts. It's probably why my skin tone looks more reddish. I'm now nearly 2 months post-procedure. Is there a skin care line that I should be using to address this?

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Retinoids important pre-and post-laser

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I usually recommend a course of topical retinoids at least 2 weeks prior to a peel or laser (more is better). I then recommend you re-start the retinoids 1-2 weeks after the procedure (your dermatologist will be more exact after evaluating your healing status). If your acne is still active, a course of oral antibiotics may be helpful if started at the time of the laser. In general, I use Pearl laser when the acne is quiescent for 6 months or more. Cooltouch is a better laser for those with active acne as well as scars since this laser reduces the size of the oil glands and decreases breakouts while stimulating collagen to reduce the scars.

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