Post operative pain after lower body lift, will it really be feasible to go home same day?

Scheduled for a body lift in the new year on an outpatient basis-I am worried about the pain, will it really be feasible to go home same day

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After a 360 lower body lift,  I never let my patients "go home" the same day.  The 360 lower bodylift is a rather large procedure with significant fluid shifts. There is a significant amount of skin and fat that is removed. There are also evaporative losses.  This means the body loses fluid. During surgery, your anesthesiologist needs to keep up with the fluid loses.   After surgery, your body swells. This fluid needs to be replaced.There is also a significant amount of time under anesthesia. After such a procedure, it is unwise to just go home.
After I perform a 360 body lift, my patients are monitored for two nights by my nurses. Among other things, my nurses monitor your vital signs and fluid status. My nurses help control the pain with appropriate medication. They also make sure that the anesthetic gases leave your body appropriately and you are not over sedated. My nurses also help you with ambulation. 

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Your doctor has to determine what is the safest for you based on your current  health condition and the procedure to be performed.
You will be OK
Have a great journey.
Dr. Cardenas

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