Post-Op Septorhinoplasty Squeezing?

I am a male with thick skin who had septorhinoplasty about two and half weeks ago. After about fifteen days, I squeezed the skin lightly on the upper, center tip of my nose lightly as a result of blackheads, which I unfortunately regret. I did not experience any bleeding or pain but the swelling seems to have made the tip very fat. I wanted a second opinion as the nurse mentioned that it should be okay. If I see my surgeon in about two and half weeks will that be too long before scar tissue forms?

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Swelling is normal 2 to 3 weeks postop

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It is quite normal to have swelling of the nose this early after rhinoplasty, particularly at the tip, which tends to be the last part to shrink. The swelling can last even throughout the year, though it should improve as time goes on.  You should be cautious about manipulating your nose this early, especially because your sensation in the area is likely impaired slightly. That being said, you probably did not do much to hurt yourself, but you should make an appointment to see your Dr. earlier if you are concerned. All the best!

Post-rhinoplasty swellind and squeezing

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You have not done any lasting damage to your nose surgery. You can see your surgeon at 2.5 weeks but he hopefully won't have a lot to say other than wait and see, and to leave your nose alone as it heals.

You should be seeing some moderate to good improvements in your nose appearance by this stage, but ordinary skin thickness patients will take 12 - 14 months for most of their results to be seen, particularly around the tip.

If you have thick skin it will likely take two years for most of the results to be seen.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nasal squeezing after rhinoplasty

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I do not want my patients squeezing their nose after surgery in the first few weeks. It is likely that you did not cause any problems, but if concerned, you should see your doctor.

Nose squeezed early after rhinoplasty

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Best to leave things alone until healed after three to four weeks, as early on as two weeks after an open rhinoplasty you could displace the skin and cause bleeding or swelling in the tip and above. We would see you sooner, but there is probably not much to do but apply cold, not ice, and elevate, and wait things out.

Squeezing the nose after Rhinoplasty has caused Swelling

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Dear Rhino Bumb,

It should be fine at this point and I would not stress that you have caused any damage to your overall result. The squeezing of the blackheads may have just led to some excess swelling in that region. With that said please refrain from doing this again. I personally have an aesthetician in my office who will help with extractions when necessary. Your surgeon may have someone that he/she recommends as well whom is knowledgable regarding post rhinoplasty patients. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after Pinching Nose at 15 days PO Rhinoplasty

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    The swelling after rhinoplasty should be very prominent at this time, and the squeezing probably had little effect on the swelling. 

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