Post-op Scare - Need Advice & Opinion Please (7 Weeks Post-op)

Hello, I am very concerned about the health and healing of my nose and would appreciate expert advice please? I'm 7 weeks post-op; this was a revision with the first operation having been performed well over 10 years ago. I didn't experience much pain post-op at all this time - in fact I threw most of my pain pills away as I just did not need them. I simply had swelling and more discomfort as opposed to pain. But NOW I have pain at top of nose, and a lump and it feels like I have movement

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Post- rhinoplasty issue

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If you have pain and swelling of your nasal tip at t weeks post-op, you probably should be re-examined by your doctor.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Very hard to answer your question without any details about was what done. Did your surgeon place grafts on the nose? If so what kind? This could account for the lump and the movement, but it is only one possibility. If you could provide picture as well that would help.

The second issue is the scar present after revision rhinoplasty. This could account for the discomfort. An infection also needs to be eliminated as possibility. An infection in the nose can give you some of the pain symptoms you are describing.

I would follow up close with your surgeon.

Michel Siegel, MD
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