Post-Op Rhinoplasty - Open Roof Deformity/Long Nose?

I just had rhinoplasty about 2 weeks ago, All I had done was the shaving down of a small dorsal bump through open rhinoplasty. From a profile my bump is gone but from side angles there are little bumps at the sides of the top of my nose, I know this is probably swelling but I heard this could be open roof deformity? I also feel as if my nose looks really long and weird, I'm really depressed, I'm already thinking about getting a revision, Any advice? Thank You!

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2 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

First off, you look pretty good on your profile view for being just 2 weeks out from a rhinoplasty procedure. What you describe from the side angles certainly could be just normal post surgical swelling. Although it is possible that you could have an open roof deformity, this assessment would best be made by your rhinoplasty surgeon. As far as your nose looking long and weird, I would have to disagree based on your current profile view. Keep in mind that there is a definite psychological adjustment that most if not all patients go through shortly after cosmetic surgery. You are way too early to even consider a revision rhinoplasty procedure. Revisit with your surgeon and make sure you vent all questions and concerns. Hang in there.

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2 weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty - Open Roof Deformity/Long Nose?


You're not alone in your postoperative concerns.  This site is replete with questions about postoperative swelling after nosejobs (rhinoplasty).   After any primary nose job or rhinoplasty you must wait at least 6 weeks before you judge anything and then another 6-12 months for the final result.  The healing after a revision rhinoplasty takes longer.  Most importantly, speak to your surgeon about your specific issues.  In your case wait unitl 3 months and then reassess- the anxiety will be over and you'll be more objective about the results.


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Open Roof Deformity 2 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

You cannot judge your surgical result 2 weeks after surgery. Undoubtedly, swelling is present and irregularities are frequently seen or felt secondary to fracturing the nasal bones when a hump is removed. A "weird" look is also possible. Talk to you surgeon who knows exactly what was done and can examine you.

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Post-op rhinoplasty concerns

Hi Isabelle,

First, be patient.  Recovery from a rhinoplasty takes many months, and changes will certainly occur that will likely resolve most of your concerns.  Your profile in the photo looks very nice, so I would not be worried.  An open roof is possible but cannot be seen on the side view.  Go see your surgeon and he/she can answer all of your questions and likely reassure you that all will be well!

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Post-Op Rhinoplasty - Open Roof Deformity/Long Nose?

Whoa!  Slow down.  2 weeks after rhinoplasty is entirely too early to be thinking about revision.  You will drive yourself crazy if you critically evaluate the result before a few months postop.  The best thing to do is discuss your concerns with your surgeon so that he/she can explain what you may be seeing. 

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Unhappy Two Weeks After Rhinoplasty

Hi Isabelle,

My best advice is to be patient.  The bumps that you are feeling are likely where your bones were cut (osteotomies). It is way too early to consider revision rhinoplasty.  Let your swelling go down over time.  There is nothing to do at this time, and unfortunately being "bummed out" doesn't help.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and know that your nose will improve in the upcoming weeks.  If you are unhappy 6 to 12 months from now, then consider revision.  Good luck and be well.

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