OK to Go on Post Op Family Vacation?

I am about to schedule a tummy tuck and breast lift. I want to go on a family vacation 5-6 weeks post op, which will involve long-haul flights, swimming, sightseeing etc. Do you think my recovery will be OK for that?

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Normally recovery after TT and BLift lasts no more than 3 weeks

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i think 4 weeks after TT and BL are enough to begin hardly  excersise at gym or vacations of course  you should  still  utilize  both elastic  compressive garments  upper  and lower

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Travelling after tummy tuck

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It is hard to predict how each individual will heal after surgery, and whether they will be "up for" a vigorous vacation after major surgery.  Remember if you have any healing issues after surgery, this may delay your recovery.

Post op vacation

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Thank you for the question


In my practice, tummy tuck patients, are free of physical limitation after 6 weeks. However, do things in moderaration, since you will be out of shape. Also, during the flight, drink lots of fluids and walk often , in order to reduce the chance of blood clots.


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Extensive travel 5-6 weeks after surgery.

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%-6 week travel with "long haul" flights may be  a bit early as you may not have the stamina to do all you have described. Everyone heals differently and if you were to have a minor set back or delayed healing it could impact your family vacation. The surgery is elective and may be better to enjoy your vacation and have your surgery afterwards.

Vacation after Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

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Thank you for the question.

Personally, I think you are cutting it very close considering the you are planning extensive surgery and  a “action-packed” vacation 5 to 6 weeks after surgery. I think that you may find that your energy level will not be back to normal at this stage.  Keep in mind, that any complication (minor or major) may influence your ability to participate in some of the activities you are planning.

I hope this helps.

Elective Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift but going on vacation

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Plastic surgery is still surgery and these procedures are elective.  There is no guarantee that you won't have complications.  I recommend that you have the surgery after returning from your vacation.  I hope this helps.

Recovery Time

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Recovery from a tummy tuck has become much more bearable over the past few years, with complications at an all-time minimum. Patients typically return to their normal routines within 2 to 3 weeks of surgery. However, a very active vacation could be cause for concern, as every patient heals differently. I would suggest speaking with your plastic surgeon before and after the surgery to discuss the timeline and activities that you will be participating in during the vacation. You and your surgeon should come to an agreement as to whether your body will be fully recovered and healed by the time you plan to leave.

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