Eyes are Very Different 1 Week After Double Eyelid Surgery, Should I be Worried?

I am 9 days post op double eye surgery. One eye is more swollen and much more small. Surgeon says it's all fine and not to worry. She said I became very stressed during the surgery and they had to switch me to a general and cortorise the beeding in one of my eyes. My eye looks so different from the other and I am really panicking!

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It takes time to see the final results of double eyelid surgery

With this kind of surgery, it's important to be patient to see the final results -- 9 days post-op is still too early. Your concerns are normal and are not anything to worry about. Also, remember that the scars will heal in the coming weeks and months, so the whole process is more like a marathon than a sprint to the finish line. You should be quite satisfied with your results in the long run, but if you are still concerned in the future, consult the surgeon who performed your surgery.

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1 week after this type of surgery is too soon to be worried

1 week after this type of surgery is too soon to be worried. It is common to have swelling that can last several weeks. Also, as healing takes place, you will see changes in the skin, and also with the incision. One eye looking different from the other can also occur at this stage. I would encourage you to continue following up with your surgeon and discuss any concerns you have with him/her.

James Chan, MD
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Asymmetry of the upper eyelids

No two eyes will heal at the same rate after surgery. In your case where there was more bleeding on one side, what you are experiencing is all normal and should get more even as the swelling goes down, but it will take weeks.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Time is key

Be patient with yourself and your surgeon. It is quite common to have asymmetrical inflammation/swelling postoperatively. Sometimes we can identify the cause [more bleeding, more extensive surgery, etc], but sometimes even the surgeon may not be able to identify the reason for the asymmetrical swelling.

Give yourself at least 3 months and then if still bothered re-post with photos.

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Fear after eyelid surgery

Thank you for the question. 9 days after eyelid surgery is a very short amount of time. Although most of the edema usually subsides by this time, you will continue to see improvement over the next 6 weeks.

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Difference in post-bleph swelling

It's very common for patients to swell more on one side than on the other so, at this point in the healing, it would not be grounds for concern.  If your surgeon needed to cauterize more bleeders on the side that is swollen, that would certainly be a logical explanation for the additional swelling.  There is no reason to panic at this stage in the healing.  Just be patient and give things a chance to settle down!

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Right after surgery, swelling magnifies differences.

Nine days out from surgery is quite early.  Swelling in the eyelid platforms can exaggerate small true differences in the eyelids creating a lot of uncertainty.  Time is generally on your side.  These issues tend to improve with time.  To get the most out of this forum, you might consider reposting your questions with photographs.

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Asymmetric Double Eyelid surgery.

Stay calm Doris, it is still early.  You'd be surprised how much the swelling and unevenness will improve over the next few weeks.  The part about the cautery for bleeding may be true.  Give it another 2 weeks before you decide if it's uneven and followup with your doctor every week.  Asian eyelid surgery is complex and the healing process can be stressful.  Just give it a little more time.

Best of luck

Chase Lay, MD

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