How do I Ensure Good Post-Op Results if I Combine Brazilian Buttlift and Breast Implants?

5'1, 175 lbs. Breast are 36 dd, will have then lifted and implants inserted. Interested in liposuction with a brazilian butt lift.

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Can you ever "ensure" good results

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The surgeries you are talking about are two completly different procedures. Liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks or "Brazilian buttlift" is a procedure that can give dramatic results in a good canidates. The key is having enought fat to place in the buttocks and the overall anatomy of the buttocks to begin with.

With the breast, the same is true. The amount of ptosis or droopines, the skin elasticity and the position of the nipple and amount of native breast tissue all have an inflluence on the overall result. The question on whether to use an implant or not is very dependent on the things I just listed.

The bottom  line is the best way to "ensure" good results is having a qualified and experienced board certified plastic surgeon perform these procedures. Make sure you thoroughly investigate your surgeon and their qualifications and experience. Keep in mind also that results will be affected by the overall anatomy a person has to begin with.


El Paso Plastic Surgeon

You should get breast implants

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Your breasts are big enough and it does not make sense to remove your breast tissue and then do implants and lift. The combination of reduction and implant is a risky surgery.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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