5 weeks post op Donut Lift with Breast Augmentation, are your breasts still supposed to sag? (photos)

I would like to know are ur breast suppose to still sag. My ps says I didnt need full lift due to when put implants in they filled in the breast. I had circumuareolar lift with 421cc silicone implants round smooth moderate profile behind muscle and I am post op 5 weeks if u look at the pictures before do they look normal.

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Still saggy

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Dear Talent987,
    I think the Donut lift was inadequate. You had too much sag preoperatively for a donut lift and implants.  You need the vertical component in order to lift the lower pole of your breasts to a level above the fold.  I recommend waiting approximately six months and consider a revision at that time.  Hopefully your surgeon should recognize this and address your concerns.  It appears that the donut lift was, indeed, done well, unfortunately inadequate for your case.  Give your original surgeon the opportunity to correct it.
Good luck,
Ary Krau MD FACS

Breasts sagging after doughnut lift when full lift was needed

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I agree that your nipple position is still too low and that a full vertical lift rather than a doughnut lift might have give you a better result.  Please return to visit your plastic surgeon and express your concerns.

Post op donut lift

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I would recommend you return and discuss things with your plastic surgeon. It is difficult to evaluate fully based on the photos provided. Additional lift may be necessary to achieve the result you want.

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Post-Operative Sag After Donut Mastopexy

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A variety of treatment options are currently available for the treatment of breast hypoplasia associated with breast sag. The final result in many cases is dependent upon selecting the best treatment option. Although the donut mastopexy is an excellent surgical procedure, it has limitations. This procedure isn't recommended in patients with significant breast sag.

Unfortunately in your case, either a lollipop or anchor mastopexy would have been a better choice. Both of these procedures can address excess skin and provide more significant breast lifting. The exact procedure chosen will depend upon the physical examination and your anatomic findings.

If you're considering revisional surgery, it's important to consult your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals. It's important that revisional surgery be delayed for at least six months to allow adequate wound healing and resolution of swelling.

Poor result after your donut mastopexy and implant

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Clearly your breasts are still drooping and you would benefit from additional lifting.  The donut mastopexy is not a very good option in most people because it only lifts a very little bit. You would do well with conversion to a lollipop lift. An in-person evaluation is necessary.

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