Post Op 8 Days from Revision. Would Upper Part of my Nose Become More Narrow? (photo)

I just had a revision Rhinoplasty 8 days ago for hump removal, narrowing tip and correcting tip asymmetry. What worries me alot, is that the surgeon might have took too much out cartilage out of side of my tip, made my tip too sharp. Right now my tip looks sharper then the bridge. I was wondering if the upper part of my nose (where the hump use to be) could get any more narrow/smaller/sharper then it is right now. So it would be balanced out with my sharp tip. Thank you for your time!

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Swelling after revision rhinoplasty.

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Your nose is still very swollen, and I wouldn't describe your tip as "sharp".  The diagram you made (nice job btw) shows a narrow middle vault, but honestly with the swelling it's not easy to tell when your final result will be.  Your nose will continue to become more defined and refined as it heals and the swelling subsides.  I suspect the area of your bridge causing you concern will become more narrow with time.  

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Post Op 8 Days from Revision. Would Upper Part of my Nose Become More Narrow?

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8 days is still very early after revision rhinoplasty. You should expect alot of swelling to resolve over the next few weeks to a few months. You should see alot of refinement in your nose during that time period. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Revision rhinoplasty

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It appears that the entire nose is swollen, as one would expect after revision rhinoplasty.

The whole nose will be smaller as the swelling subsides. It takes longer for swelling to resolve after revision rhinoplasty, and different parts of the nose heal at different rates.

I believe both the bridge and the tip will be narrower, usually the skin on the bridge is thinner, sp swelling decreases faster in this area. 


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