Do I Need a Post Op Bra or Do I Keep Wearing the Stretch Tube Given by the Hospital?

I still have swelling on each side of each breast which will make wearing a standard bra (underwire or not) difficult. I am told i will need to get a sports bra instead and wondered which sorts people have had success with. I am in Australia.

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Post op bra or compression garment

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Every surgeon undertaking breast surgery has their own routine for post op dressings.  We want our patients to be comfortable and to have light compression which assists healing but not tight pressure which can damage tissue or skin (through cutting off its circulation leading to necrosis). Don't forget you might have numb spots postop for awhile which can be damaged without you being aware of that.

In my practice, we use bulky paper pads on the wound which absorb ooze or spots, under a simple elastic 'boob tube vest" made of tubigrip.  Not elegant but extremely practical and usually very comfortable.

At the first office visit postop, the dressings are changed to simple clean tape.  From that time, a few days postop, our patients can go into a soft bra of any type - we recommend they use a cheap sports bra, a crop top or a maternity bra.  The problem in advising you is that one product does not fit all patients, so we don't pre purchase - we wait and advise at the first office visit.

You don't say how many days postop you are, but if more than a week or so should be able to go into a cheap crop top or bra of any type.  Look for something both comfortable and that isn't too loose or too tight.  And that will do fine.

You'll throw it away in a month or two as your swelling comes down and your shape improves, so make sure it's inexpensive.

And call your surgeon or his office nurse on Monday to check with them before proceeding.  They will advise on this all the time. They migh have particular advice, or much as I've provided for you here.  Follow their advice.

Good luck.

Best bras after breast augmentation with breast implants.

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Best thing to do is ask your board certified Plastic Surgeon that performed your surgery how he/she wants to help shape your breasts after breast augmentation.

Bra after breast augmentation

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It is advisable not to wear an underwire bra or a garment with seams which would rub on your areas of swelling. Any good sports bra would be beneficial. One that hooks in the front which does not require you to pull it over your head would be preferable.

Post op breast support

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Thank you.

I have routine with all breast surgery patients.

All should wear a special bra. comfortable none wired ( it could be sport or any similar, and have a wide base to support the breasts, in BA I ask them to wear the upper belt to avoid the high riding).

That would be the standard for all. However, every surgeon , and every case is different.

The best.


Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
UAE Plastic Surgeon

Bra After Breast Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

Every surgeon has a different routine.  it would be in your best interest to seek advice directly from him/her since he/she knows  exactly what procedure was performed and what form of support would be most effective.

Best wishes.

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