Post-op Bra Uncomfortable. Pain and Indentation, Normal?

Hi! I just had my BA surgery Friday morning...I was out by 1PM...So I guess tomorrow will technically be 2 days post-op (but the third day). I was sent home in a surgical bra (medium) from my PS. I had 339CC Silicone unders and the incision was made in the cease of my breast. Starting today, I am experiencing minor pain from the bottom band of the bra. It is even leaving an indentation and is very uncomfortable. Is this normal? I will of course call my PS but should I switch to a sports bra?

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Bra Uncomfortable after Breast Augmentation?

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No, the surgical bra should not be causing pain and/or indentation. You may want to loosen up the bra if possible and/or place surgical pads/dressings between the bra and your skin.

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