Post Neck Liposuction, Want a Stronger Jawline? (photo)

I had neck/chin liposuction a couple of years ago and very happy with results. However, now that the neck fat is reduced (I also lost weight), I am noticing how weak the sides of my jawline are, my cheecks tend to blend into my neck. I don't think I need a chin implant and don't want to lose any more weight. What are my options for a stronger jaw? thanks

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Stronger jawline following neck liposuction

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A chin implant is a great option for enhancing the jawline. I would recommend a consult with an experienced surgeon who uses computer imaging software. He or she will be able to morph your photo and give you an idea of how the final result may appear. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Weak neckline after liposuction. What next?

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After having had liposuction of the sub mental area, some  patients feel a desire for a still stronger jawline.  The best and simplest steps for you center around a surgical neck lift.  A stronger jawline can be attained by removing additional fat just at the mandibular border via a small incision behind the ear lobe.  Next a little larger two inch  incision around your ear will allow even better exposure, and especially when combined with a small incision under your chin.  This operation is basically the neck component of the facelift, and if limited to the neck is of course called a necklift.   The surgeon lifts the skin off your neck ( very safe and classic maneuver).    The exposure gained then allow the surgeon to release muscles under your chin that cause blunting of your neck.  (Release from a low hyoid cartilage).  The next step is reduction of your sub mandibular gland, an easy step for a master surgeon.  The platysmal muscles of your neck are also transected under your chin and a platysmal corset is constructed adding great definition to your neck.   At this point a study is made to see if a chin implant is needed.  In male patients the use of a chin implant is very often a pleasing and easy choice.  The male chin looks all the more masculine when it is somewhat larger.  So the last step is to see if there is any skin that needs to be removed from the neck.  This is done, if needed, behind the ear.  Usually very little skin is removed.  As as been shown by Dr Timothy Marten in San Francisco, it is the under structure that is critical and not skin removal.   A very handsome neck will  be  the result.  Please remember not to be fooled by silly technology claims in liposuction.  Liposuction is liposuction.  Great results are obtained by great surgeons and not by meaningless differences in one technology versus another.  A great surgeon  can get great results with any technology or just with small cannulas.  Untrained surgeons will not get great results with any technology despite absurd claims.   Research carefully.  Choose a surgeon that is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeon and recognized as a true surgeon.  Always look for the FACS at the end of the doctors name.   Surgeons boarded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery are always Fellows of the American College of Surgeon.  FACS  Research carefully.  Make surge the operating facility is certified and safe.  Make sure the doctor you choose has privileges to do the same liposuction procedure at  a major local hospital.   This means the doctor is subject to peer review at the major hospital. Make sure your doctor, in addition, has admitting privilege for liposuction  patients at a local major hospital.  Then you will be safe and likely happy.  Do your homework carefully.  Your results and life depend upon it!  My Best,   Dr C

Stronger jawline

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In your case, a neck lift would give you a small improvement for a large cost.  A chin implant would give you the most bang for your buck and is very common for your goals and anatomy.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Chin Augmentation for a Stronger Jawline

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If you have already had a neck liposuction and are seeking a stronger jawline, a chin implant would probably be your best option.  A neck lift may also be helpful to some extent.    The other alternative would be to cut and advance the jaw bone (sliding mandibular osteotomy) - a significantly larger procedure.  If you would like a moderately stonger jaw line, another option would be to use an injectable filler such as Radiesse or Sculptra.  But the results will be somewhat more subtle with a filler and fillers can and do resorb over time.   Best wishes.

Jawline Enhancement

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In order to improve your jawline, you will need to consider the use of implants. There is no other option. There are a variety of jawline implants from the angle to the chin that can make for a more defined and prominent lower facial appearance..

Radiesse for the jawline after chin liposuction

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Your photos do suggest that you may benefit from non surgical and conservative enhancement of your jawline. I would recommend Radiesse facial fillers contoured around the jawline area. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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