Post Nasal Reconstruction Using a Rib Graft, What Options Do I Have if I Want a Nicer Looking Nose? (photo)

My nose was perfect looking but didn’t function. Now it functions but looks ugly. Surgery 1: Deviated septum resulting in a collapsed nose. Surgery 2: Same surgeon uses ear cartilage to reconstruct my nose with no success. Surgery 3: Two years later I see a specialist who reconstructs my nose with a rib graft. I appreciate any advice. If able could someone answer: Is Dermamatrix FULLY absorbed by the body? Near the root of my nose is the rib graft sticking out or could it be Dermamatrix?

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Rib graft in rhinoplasty

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You've had some bad luck here.  Looks like the rib graft has twisted which has twisted.  This is, unfortunately, a well known possibility with rib grafting. There are ways to prevent it, but in your case the curve is already there.  I'd say you need to have that cartilage removed, possibly reshaped and replaced, or repaired in a different fashion.

There are many options that should help you.  Good luck!

Jeffrey Spiegel, MD

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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