Post 3 Months After Smart Lipo Upper and Lower Abdomen Area Questions? (photo)

I went in for my three month post checkup and the doctor is requesting that I let her do a revision of the area again. She is stating she isn't happy with my results thus far. I only had a little fat removed and I have stretch marks from a previous pregnancy that was a c section. I am nervous about doing it a second time and I'm not sure of what those results will be like. Should I wait it out another 3 months or do the correction again? Help!

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When is Smart Lipo better than Abdominoplasty surgery?

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In reviewing your results, it appears that you have significant loss of skin elasticity more so than excess volume in the abdomen.  I am not sure that another Smart Lipo procedure will resolve this.  You have a few options.  1) I would consider waiting another 3 months to see if you get additional tightening.  2) Consider a newer version of Smart Lipo, called Precision Tx, which uses the Cellulaze laser (one for Cellulite made by Smart Lipo), to tighten the loose skin.  It will do a better job than Smart Lipo.  3) Your third option is surgical, tummy tuck which maybe your best option if you are looking for dramatic results.  I would discuss these possible options with your plastic surgeon.  I would make sure that they have the latest Smart Lipo technology, called Smart Lipo Triplex.  Some surgeons also will say that they are using Smart Lipo but it is another brand that will not give you the same results.  Prior to having a second Smart Lipo, ask to see the actual laser device.  Good luck

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Repeat smart lipo for stretch marks?

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I understand your PS is not happy, but the real question is are you happy? Consider a Tummy tuck.  It is mainly done to improve shape and contour by plicating your core tight then redraping the skin. Stretch mark sare removed. Repeat smart lipo can never accomplish that. Smart lipo is sucessful in carefully selected patients. It okay to speak with your plastic surgeon about your concern or even seek a second opinion.

Considering repeating SmartLipo after 3 months...

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This is an excellent question because it brings up a very common question...."When is it time to consider laser-tightening procedures versus more aggressive surgeries, such as tummy tucks?"  As a board certified surgeon performing skin surgeries for over 18 years, I like to have a lengthy discussion with my patients before ANY procedure to give realistic expectations given what the patient "brings to the table".  It seems as though you have moderate loss of elasticity and striae (stretch marks) that should have improved to some degree from your previous procedure. At this point, the decision to repeat the laser treatment should wait another 3 months (total of 6 months post-op).  If you still are not seeing improvement in skin tightening by then, I would consider a tummy tuck as a viable option.

Windell C. Davis-Boutte, MD
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon
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To lipo or not to lipo

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If the poor result is truly due to excess fat in the area, a second procedure might help correct that. However, if the appearance is caused by loose skin or "striae" (stretch marks) then the procedure will not result in any improvement.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Consult with your surgeon about a possible touch-up

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You will continue to see improvement over the next few weeks, be patient and give it time. Also make your follow up appointments for your surgeon to check the area.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Revision Liposuction and SmartLipo

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Kaja, Thanks for the excellent questions and photos. It is generally better to wait at least 6 months prior to undergoing revision liposuction. We have performed thousands of revision liposuction for many patients from around the world. Based on my experience, outcome, clinical studies, and peer recommendations, its better to wait for all your swelling to resolve prior to attempting revision surgery. "Let the dust settle" I hope this helps you obtain the results you need. I also hope that your cosmetic surgeon is a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Do your home work well !

Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Stretch marks and lipo?

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If you have alot of stretch marks on your abdomen you more than likley have poor quality of skin. Liposuction will not help with the stretch marks.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Smartlipo revision??

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 Based on your photos and the existing stretch marks, a tummy tuck may serve you better.  Smartlipo cannot remove the stretch marks and skin tightening there is not very likely.  Repeating the Smartlipo may also make any future surgery more difficult due to scar tissue build-up.

Carey Nease, MD
Chattanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon
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