Post-mole Red Ring

2 weeks ago, I had a 1/8-inch mole shaved off of my nose by my dermatologist. During the 1st week, I applied Aquaphor and Bandaids, and while healing a 1/2-inch red ring appeared around the wound. After 1 week, the wound healed and the red ring was greatly diminished. But after a few days the red ring returned, looking as it did a week ago. I also suffer with rosacea. Could that ailment be affecting the healing process? My follow-up is 1 week out. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Mole removal

There could be a number of factors causing this redness.  You could be sensitive or allergic to the adhesive of the bandaid or possibly to the ointment that you are putting on the area.  I would recommend that you see your physician for an evaluation. 

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Red ring after mole removal

With rosacea your inflammatory reaction can be more pronounced. This is a reaction to something that has been used. I would have your dermatologist look at it. It could require some topical steroids. But I would stop putting anything on it for a while.

Philip Young, MD
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Mole removal and rosacea

There are several possibilities causing the red ring.  Infection, an allergic reaction to the adhesive or a flare of your rosacea could all be the cause.  Stop the Aquaphor and bandaid and please contact your dermatologist.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Mole shave with reddness

It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to the adhesive on whatever bandage you used after the procedure. It was probably a circular bandaid. I would follow up immediately with the doctor that performed the procedure.

Tony Nakhla, DO
Santa Ana Dermatologist

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