Possible Post Mastopexy Tear With Pain- What To Do?

1 yr.ago had a mastopexy/sm implant exchange with good results. After about 3 months I felt a tear. Noticed implant shifted and clevage/ribs where exposed with alot of muscle sharp pain. With a new doc had another mastopexy/even smaller implant exchange 16 days ago. Day 10 started with muscle spasming,Day 12 had a VERY embarassing bowel movement. Imediate had severe muscle spasm pain in clevage. Since I have had muscle sharp shooting pain. Have I ripped anything? Implant still in place. HELP!!

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Pain after mastopexy

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It is common to experience muscle spasm after breast augmentation with/without lift.  It is also common to get breast pain due to nerve pain, which is often described as shooting, sharp pain.  If your implant has not displaced (ie. still looks the same), then, you most likely had muscle spasm or pain associated with your nerve growing back.  However, you should visit with your plastic surgeon so that she/he can properly examine you.

Breast pain after surgery is concerning

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Patients who experience sudden and severe pain in the chest or breast areas after breast lift, breast augmentation or breast lift with implants should seek medical attention from the operating surgeon. 

The possibilty range from pectoralis muscle tear, to complete retraction of the muscle above the implant, what is called a window shade problem.  In most cases, however, the discomfort is simply due to muscle spasms in the pectoralis muscle if the implant was placed in a submuscular location.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Muscle spasms

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The best person to answer this question is your surgeon after he has examined you.  You have had several procedures done and we can't know what was done.  Does your implant look out of place?  Muscle spasms can be very painful, but rarely move the implant out of place.  Shooting pains are often the sign of the nerves coming back to life and are a good sign.  They, too, can be startling.  The sooner you see you surgeon the sooner your mind can put to rest.

Lori H. Saltz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Pain after implant

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While it is not impossible that you have torn your muscle, it is not very likely.Muscle spasms are common after this type of surgery and will resolve over time. It is important that you discuss your concerns with your surgeon, though.


Daniel Medalie, MD



Breast augmentation complications

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Unfortunately, I'm not really able to give you advice without direct examination or (at least) viewing pictures. Given your history, it would behoove you to seek consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

 Best wishes.

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