Post-Mastopexy Asymmetry Without Implant

I had a bilateral maspotexy a little over two weeks ago. So far I am not happy with the results, the left breast is perfect while the right breast seems to be drooping and the areola is stretching (it looks like a large oval while the left one is a perfect small circle). Is it acceptable to talk to my surgeon about my concerns and is there anything he can do to correct the stretched oval shaped areola? Would this require drastic surgery and would he still charge me?

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Mastopexy Results?

 At this point, it is too early to evaluate the outcome of your surgery. I would suggest that you wait approximately 6 months for this evaluation. At that time, of course it is okay ( and recommended)  to communicate your questions or concerns with your plastic surgeon. Depending on the situation,  improvement may be possible.

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PHOTOS: Still too early after breast lift to consider revision SEE VIDEO BELOW:

Although it is perfectly fine to discuss the prospects for a breast lift with your surgeon, it is too early to consider one until at least 6-9 months after surgery. There are many changes which will occur in both your breasts which will effect your surgical planning. It is typical for a patient to cover OR, and anesthesia fees. Some surgeons will reduce or waive their fees.

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Breast asymmetry after mastopexy

It's very early in your recovery and far too early to truly be worried about asymmetry.  Your breasts will settle over time, and your areolae will change shape a bit as well.  If you're still concerned after 4-6 months, that's the time to discuss a revision with your surgeon. 

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Asymmetry after breast lift (mastopexy)

There is always some degree of asymmetry both before and after a breast lift.  However if your degree of asymmetry is very noticeable you should certainly discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  There is always some degree of swelling immediately after surgery, so you allow a few weeks for the obvious swelling to resolve.  Don't ever hesitate to see your surgeon if you're not sure about something or if you're concerned.

If you do need a revision, your surgeon can discuss if it's necessary and the best time to perform it.

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The areola shape itself will change with time but if you are concerned it would be best to see your surgeon to discuss the best

Thank you very much for your enquiry, it's too relatively early days to assess the appearance of your bust as this will change significantly over the next few weeks and months.

The areola shape itself will change with time but if you are concerned it would be best to see your surgeon to discuss the best way forward for you.

It is possible to correct the shape of the areola by relatively minor procedure which can often be performed under local anesthetic.

It would be best to let the area fully settle down and scarring to settle prior to considering any further surgery to the area.

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Asymmetry after mastopexy

Dear Katiec,

you should feel comfortable to go talk to your surgeon post-operatively and address any of your concerns.

the body heals the fastest during the first 6 weeks after surgery, so the swelling should start disappearing slowly at 2 weeks. sometimes this can be uneven, therefore causing asymmetry.

ask your surgeon about massaging the breasts, or even better having ultrasounds treatments by a female physical therapist to help reduce the post-operative oedema and bruising faster and softening the tissues.

if the areolas are uneven, it should be adressed in the future, once the swelling is settled.

Good luck,

Florence Mussat, MD

Florence Mussat, MD
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Talk to your surgeon.

It is important for you to discuss this with your surgeon. It is still early in the recovery process and the asymmetry may settle out, or it may not. If it does not, it can be corrected at a second surgery.

Lawrence Iteld, MD
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Breast lift concerns

First, you are very early post-op and things will change  a bit over the next few months, but I would definitely voice your concerns to your surgeon.

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Questions after mastopexy

Of course you should address these issues with your surgeon, sit down calmly and review your preop photos with him/her and ask if they are what the surgeon anticipated.  Perhaps your breasts were fairly asymmetrical to start with.  Give the recovery at least 4-6 moths before worrying too much.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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It is always OK to talk to your surgeon

Patient care start at the first Dr visit and does not end after surgery. you should feel comfortable to talk to your surgeon about your concerns. Your are too early post surgery to see the final result. Please talk to your surgeon .

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