Will I be Able to Have a More Muscular Definition Post-Op Liposuction?

Dear doctors, I only have a small fat layer that will be removed from my stomach with the liposuction and I wanted to know if it's realistic to hope for more muscular definition post operation because the surgeon told me that he must leave between 0,4 and 0,6 inch of thickness of fat to prevent skin irregularities. What do you think ? (p.s. I am not talking about having 6 packs definition, just more muscular definition with 0,4-0,6 inch as I lift weights and do abdominal exercices 4x / week)

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More Muscular Definition After Liposuction

The short answer is yes, but what your doctor is telling you is based on the fact that the more fat we try to remove the higher the chance of irregularities.  Small cannulas help, and, in my experience, so does Smart Lipo Triplex.  In general yes, you should get more muscular definition.

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Will I be Able to Have a More Muscular Definition Post-Op Liposuction?

Liposuction if done properly on the right person is a sculpting procedure. The Plastic surgeon removes the excess fat, leaving behind what is necessary to unveil the figure the patient has underneath the excess fat. If you are already muscular and your Plastic surgeon is adapt at performing Hi-Def, Differential or volumetric liposuction it is actually pretty straight forward to accentuate the muscle borders (External Oblique and Serratus to - Rectus Abdominis and the Linea Alba). Discuss it clearly with your surgeon. If he cannot produce it, your country has a lot of good Plastic surgeons and I am sure many can offer this level of liposuction expertise.

Good Luck.

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