Post-Liposuction Complication - Normal?

I had lipo touch up on my abdomen a week ago,first lipo was over 6months ago.This time I am in much more pain.the right side of my abdomen hurtsmore than my left side. Also,I notice there is a hard marble sized bump on my right hurts somewhat when i touch it and protrudes a tiny bit should i be concerned?I am afraid is a seroma that needs to be drained or an infection, this never happened the first time so I'm concerned.I got this done out of state so I can't visit my doc anytime soon.

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Questions after liposuction, but doctor out of state

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The problem with medical tourism, or surgery out of state is that you have no one to see and take care of you and answer your questions. If you have issues which are out of the ordinary, you just might have to take a trip out to the surgeon who performed your liposuction.

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Liposuction and Hard Mass

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    This hard mass may represent a fluid collection or hematoma, and, if concerned, find a plastic surgeon in your area.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Post Liposuction recovery concerns

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I am sorry to hear that you have concerns following your 2nd liposuction procedure.  This unfortunately is not uncommon.  There can be more pain and swelling.  You should certainly call your surgeon's office and get advise.  Your surgeon is responsible for your care and it is a pity that you have to seek assistance on the internet.  Hope that your recovery proceeds well.

Post-liposuction lumps

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its very common to have lumps and bumps and areas of soreness after the liposuction on any part of the body. with that said its best to have the area evaluated by your nearby plastic surgeon. although this might be something very small but its best to have it examined, especially if its hurting.

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Without an exam or pictures we cannot give you adequate advice. The soreness is normal pain after liposuction; the hard bump can be scar tissue or seroma without an exam we cannot diagnose. Please see a PS to get answers for you questions.



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Liposuction complication

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Without photos or more detail, it is impossible to comment. Your post illustrates a classic problem in having surgery elsewhere but there are board certified plastic surgeons throughout the country so I recommend that you find one who would be willing to see you in consultation and, if no one is available, that you go to one of the nearby emergency rooms such as North Shore or St Francis, both of which have excellent plastic surgeons on staff. It could be swelling which will resolve or something more. Typically, liposuction does not produce seromata in contrast to abdominoplasty. Expect to pay for any consultation regarding a post-op complication from surgery out of state. You should definitely call the physician who performed the procedure to inquire as well.

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