Post-Lifestyle Lift Concerns

I Had Lifestyle Lift done one week and three days ago to address my turkey neck and jowls. So far, I believe I am pretty much where I should be at this time period, with swelling and some tinges of pain here and there. However, I'm concerned because the right half of my lower lip will not move downward to expose my lower teeth when I try to smile. I feel like a gimp with this cock-eyed smile. Also, the top of my neck is beet-red and does not show any kind of subsiding. I have not used a bandage there for a few days because it causes so much discomfort. I have, however, religiously used ice on the area. Are these normal, and will they ever get better?

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Concerns following Lifestyle Lift

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There are many possible explanations for what you are observing.

These may be attributable to many different causes. Some may be due to surgery or the after effects of surgery. These include interference with the actions of the nerve or the platysma muscle. This may be associated with weakness follwing liposution to the neck area.

The best person to answer your question is your surgeon. They are best equipped to diagnose, treat and advise you as to the outcome of your condition.

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