2 weeks post hairline advancement, I am concerned my eye brows are lifted. (photo)

30 y old 2 weeks post hairline advancment . I am concerned that my eye brows are lifted wich is i dont like and the surgeon had advance my hair line too much . i went back to my surgeon who assured me that i need 3 months before i determine and the eyebrows will go down about 1/2 cm . and i always could use some botox to relax my eyebrows. please note that i do have very high eyebros naturally . i am not sure

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2 weeks post hairline advancement, I am concerned my eyebrows are lifted.

At two weeks postop, you may have swelling in your tissues still. Most likely, you do not have your final result. You need to be patient and allow yourself to heal.

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Early in the Post Op Period

During this early postop period the tissues around the surgical site will swell, and the final result may take between 3-6 months to see the final position.  Some elevation may have occurred, but it will likely settle down in time. 

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Eyebrow Position after Hairline Advancement

You will be fine.  Early on this s a natural and expected phenomena.   Your eyebrows will droop later and then you may worry they will go too much.  They will be fine.  Quit worrying.    My Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Eyebrow position after hairline advancement

Two weeks is way too early to determine your final result.
If the surgery was done without brow release, the brows should not be significantly raised in the long term. At this point in healing the forehead can be tight and the brows can often be temporarily elevated . By 3-6 months the situation will finalize.
Also the shortening of forehead height can give the illusion of a greater distance between the brows and the eyes. The picture you submitted labelled "pro op" is could be more illustrative and defined. It seems to show nice positions of the hairline and brow from the side. A front  view with clearer labeling would be more helpful.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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