Post Gynecosmatia? (photo)

I had Surgery 12 days ago. The doctor insists its swelling but from my before op photo I have seen no changes. NONE. He said he had did just lipo. I asked him why was no tissue excised he said that the lipo made me completely flat on the or table. As in a female there are flatter when laying down so could he be confused. I believe I should had skin removed and lifted as well but neither of that was done . I need help this can not be swelling . And I feel like i feel the same breast like tissue

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Post Gynecomastia Surgery

The only time that liposuction alone will correct gynecomastia, is if you have what is known as "pseudo-gynecomastia" which means it is caused by fat alone. If there is breast tissue present it needs to be surgically excised as it is too dense to go through a cannula. You undoubtedly have swelling present and need to wait for that to resolve. And then depending on what your surgeon says, a second opinion may be in order. Good luck.

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