Post Unilateral Gynecomastia Surgery and Scar is Too Big? (photo)

i have undergone unilateral gynecomastia surgery on my right chest on sep 5, 2012. its now luking like pegion shaped and the scar is too big. i an not at all satisfied with this scar and shape. so is ther any remedy n solution fr this. please provide me a good way to get it out.

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The maximum scar for gynecomastia is a semicircle at the bottom of the areola.

Your scar can not have been done by a board certified plastic surgeon.

There is no way to make the scar smaller. Hopefully with time it will get better.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Poor Surgical Treatment for Gynecomastia

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This is unfortunate.  You have some thickness to the scar.  Revising the scar can be done but you may end up with a longer scar and maybe not much improvement in the thickness.  I would allow the scar to mature over a year.  In the interim I would use silicone bandages to try to flatten the scar.  Additionally, it still appears that you have fullness of the breast on that side.  I would wait at least 3 months to see if this improves.

Dr. ES

Unilateral Reduction

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The scar on your right  is hypertrophic. Unfortunately the scar cannot be removed. The only option at this point would be to revise the scar so it is not as thick .

Gynecomastia Revision

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    There are two options here.  A simple scar revision can lower the scar and make it more parallel.  A second alternative may be better.  This would allow you to remove more tissue, pull the skin below the areola out, and then make a new hole for the areola to move it higher.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials to fix this.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Scar after Gynecomastia Surgery

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This is unfortunate.  You have a hyperthrophic scar.  The surgery has to be redone to reduce the breast tissue that remains.  Thi can be done through the same scar.  The scar can be revise and flattened with scar trearment. Good luck

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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