Post Gastric Bypass Complication

Bypass done 11 yrs ago. Surgeon left the practice. I was assigned another surgeon. I complained to him that I had a gnawing feeling in my stomach but he did not listen to me. I stopped seeing him 9 res ago. I have gained 40#. Recently I decided that I would see another surgeon to follow me. He found that I have a "large loop or prolene suture at GJ". He tried to cut/burn it to remove but couldn't. He referred and waiting to see specialist. Can this be what is causing me to feel hungry always?

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Gastric Bypass - suture in the GJ and hunger

Weight gain after gastric bypass is almost always related to poor eating habits and nutritional choices. The stomach empties faster and the small intestine get "better" at absorbing nutrients and calories.  Without and lifestyle change that consists of regular excercise and diet modificaton, the gastric bypass operation over the long term will not be effective.  Finding a suture at the "GJ" can happen depending on the technique of the sugeon  and how the patient heals. It is very unusual for this to cause hunger and weight gain.  This may explain pain if there is an ulcer associated with the suture.

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