Post-Fraxel Treatments. Lots of Tiny White Lumps Around My Eye Sockets - What Can I Do?

I had 4 sessions of fraxel. After the first session I was left with some small horizontal lines under the eye sockets, which my physican said they would come out after my second or third treatment, but they did not. After my fourth session I developed lots of very unsightly tiny white bumps that run along the bone of the eye socket. These bumps have small amounts of fluid in them. I do not want to try and get rid of them by squeezing them is there anything I can do to get rid of them?

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Bumps on eyelids after Fraxel

before doing anything potentially destructive, I agree you shouldn't squeeze these bumps on your eyelids. Are they milia, which are microscopic cysts, or enlarged sweat glands called syringoma or apocrine hidrocystoma? What you have may be temporary. Sometimes a prescription of tretinoin may help reduce milia. If your laser sessions were within the last few months, you may find that patience will allow time to make them go away.

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