Post Fraxel Repair Complications - Puffiness and Scar

I am female, 30. I had fraxel repair (En-40mj, 60% ) a year ago to treat post acne ice-pick scars. All face except forehead, eye area, chin and nose. Several months later my skin structure turned grainy, burned-like, dull with multiple micro-wrinkles. I keep my skin well hydrated. But worst of all is that the laser came close to and scuffed part of the eye area, creating a scar, concavity and eye puffs (photos). Why did it happen? Is it possible to cure my skin and remove the eye puffs.

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Fraxel Postoperative Problems

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What you describe is rather unusual after laser resurfacing. I would certainly speak with your physician about your concerns. Unfortunately from the photos above I would agree that it appears to be normal looking skin with persistent acne scars.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Problems after Fraxel

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After looking at your photos, it looks like you have what are the remnants of the previous scarring.  While Fraxel does help to some extent, there will always be some 'trade-off' involved.  You will have some improvement of scarring, but the skin appearance will always be different after the procedure compared to before.

Hopefully, focus on the good things it did as the changes look minimal and hopefully the other parts did well (I only see one picture on your link).  Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon
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