Post Fraxel Repair Clogged Pores: Blackheads and Whiteheads

I had Fraxel Repair three weeks ago to treat post acne ice-picked scars. My skin was healing well without complications, but now all pores are clogged with blackheads. Some of them get out to the surface as tiny white balls and fall away, but most of the blackheads sit deep, and their number increases dramatically daily, that makes me really scared.

Please I would really appreciate your advice. What can I do to stop the disaster? What medicines can I use to prevent further breakout? How can I remove (extract) blackheads safely taking into account post-fraxel downtime? Can I use Tretinoin at this stage?

I am female, 30 years old. I have oily skin, it is still a bit red after Fraxel treatment. I am currently using non-oily moisturizers and strong SPF protection. Thank you in advance for your help

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Acne Breakout After Fraxel Repair Treatment

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Hi Vick,

Speak with your treating physician regarding your concerns. You should be fine and no need to panic.

I treat my patients with Benzoyl-8-Wash to cleanse the skin. Three weeks after Fraxel repair it is okay to resume Tretinoin.

There are very mild facials that can also be of benefit. Just yesterday we had a demonstration by Intraceuticals ( that would be beneficial to post Fraxel repair patients.

Good luck and be well.

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