Post Fraxel Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options?

I had fraxel treatment on my forehead and this ended up giving me hyperpigmentation in the middle of the forehead. There were some spots in the area which were normal before the treatment, but got hyperpigmentation after.I'm currently using a serum with hydroquinone 4%. I also had a microdermabrasion done post fraxel. Would it be a good idea to risk having a fraxel again on the parts of my forehead that were normal before the fraxel?Are the newly hyperpigmented areas superficial or deep? Thanks.

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If a Fraxel treatment healed with hyperpigmentation,repeating the treatment will likely do the same

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Without knowing more details it is impossible to know why you got hyperpigmentation after a Fraxel ( of some type ) treatment.However going back over the same area without doing anything else differently is likely to give the same result. I wouldn't do it.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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