Post Fractional Laser Face & Neck: Brown and Pigmented 10 Days After

I am 57 years old. My fractional laser was done on 4/1/11 & despite meticulous avoidance of sun (didn't go outside for 10 days, then have worn sunscreen, hats & even bandana over face at times)I have extensive browning all over my lower face and neck, which appear dirty.

I am heartbroken as I have a major event in 2 1/2 months. Dr will see me in a week (he is a distance away)to prescribe a bleaching cream. What I read about hydroquinone scares me. Are there safer alternatives like Retin-A?

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Hyperpigmentation after fractional laser resurfacing

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How long after the resurfacing did the pigmentation appear?  Are you using anything other than sunscreen on the face?  Prior to the pigmentation occuring was there any redness or itching?

It is impossible to tell what would have caused the pigmentation, although post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is most likely.  Hydroquinones can be helpful in treating that and there is no proof that hydroquinones are harmful in humans, so the chances that it will harm you in any way are very small.  Some people do develop allergic reactions to hydroquinones but that doesn't happen often.

I think you need to see your doctor about this prior to undertaking any treatment strategy.  A before and after photo would be helpful in attempting a more detailed answer.

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