Going Back To Original Surgeon For a Revision. What Questions to Ask?

I had augmentation four months ago. One of them is considerably lower than other and slides around in the pocket. I am going back to original surgeon ,and I am wondering questions to ask. Is this needed revision part of touch up , or does a new smaller pocket mean I would have to pay for the whole thing again. Because I can't. I would just have to live with it. Any suggestions as to what verbage to use when I go for next appt?

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Breast Augmentation Revision Communication?

Thank you for the question.

I think if you are able to communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon in a calm, non-accusatory fashion  you will most likely have a positive experience.  Most successful plastic surgeons try very hard to keep their patients happy; it is likely that your surgeon  will do everything he/she can to make this happen.

I hope this helps.  Best wishes.

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WHO usually pays for Re-Do (Revision) Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Plastic surgeons are usually reasonable and want their patients to like them. After all, we build our reputations based on happy patients and words of mouth referrals. Most of us would work hard to please our patients within certain limits. When we do not own the operating facility and anesthesiologist, the best we can do is do the work for free and have you pay for the facility and anesthesia fee. I think this is reasonable in a period of up to 6-8 months after the surgery, depending on the circumstances. As such, you SHOULD ask your surgeon if he could do this for you.

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Breast augmentation revision

All plastic surgeons will have patients in need of revisional surgery. As the implant malposition has occured relatively early post operatively I would think that your surgeon will work to get this corrected to keep you as a happy patient. Many of us would waive the surgical fee but have the patient cover the cost of supplies. Those of us with our own accreditted operating rooms can usually offer a better fee than a hospital or outpatient facility.

I hope that your upcoming visit goes well and that you and your surgeon can come to a mutually agreeable decision.

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