My gums seem very swollen after implants. Is this normal?

I had 8 teeth pulled, 2 were root canals and had 3 implants placed. I am 14 days position and it is very painful to wear my new temporary DENTURES as my gums are very swollen still. Is this normal for this much swelling? (Double normal size)

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Swollen Gums After Implants

Unfortunately when you remove multiple teeth and place temporary dentures over the areas of surgery, you're going to experience a period of adaptation where your dentures will need to be adjusted to the existing level of tissue and bone and that is why you're having soreness and areas of irritation. Hang in there. Follow up with your dentist. I am sure that they will make your dentures comfortable until your implants are ready to be restored. Good luck!

Swelling after implants

It is normal to have swelling after the amount of treatment you had. Each body heals differently and some heal more slowly. Your swelling may be totally normal. If you are concerned I would reach out to your dentist and ask their opinion.

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