Post Eyelid Surgery Lateral Bump and Puckering?

I had eyelid revision surgery and ptosis correction two months ago. Right after surgery, there were visible bumps at lateral end of eyelid incision, along with slight skin pinch or puckering. Isn't getting better, even with massage. Surgeon is in another country, so follow-up with him isn't possible. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Post-op irregularities can occur, especially after revision surgery.

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Massage often helps, but you said so far not much improvement with this. There are lasers that can also help to improve the appearance of a scar. If you surgeon is out of town, he probably has someone to see any issues with his patients. So go see them and see if they have any other recommendations. Most of these issues can be corrected.

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You need to be examined in person. You should see a board certified PS in your area if you can't see the operating surgeon.


Post eyelid surgery bump and puckering

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If you are unable to see the surgeon who performed your eyelid surgery, I would recommend getting an opinion from another surgeon. You could try a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon. It is possible that the bump and puckering can be improved with a minor office procedure.

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