Post Right-eyelid Non-cong Ptosis Surgery Complications

I had my first surgery & adjustment 9 mths ago. 6 weeks later I woke up with an inflated eyelid and my surgeon pulled out 2 eyelashes from the scar. The swelling and lift partly improved within weeks but not since then. He recently said I lost some lift. The lid feels puffier in the morning and by the evening a little bruised and warm at times. Could the lymphatics be damaged beyond self-repair? Can a surgery fix it? Any other causes? Is it too early to declare and quantify the loss of lift?

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Eyelid swelling after ptosis repair- What could be wrong?

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After an eyelid ptosis repair, the most common cause of swelling is the surgery itself.  A few months later however, the causes can be narrowed to suture infections or 'foreign bodies' (for example, eyelashes).  Only the surgeon who did the operation can tell you what sutures were used and where they were placed, so asking a question here may not be very fruitful.  You should return to your surgeon and get some answers.  The lymphatics are usually not affected very much by ptosis surgery, since there are many connections in this area and therefore that is not a likely cause of the problem.  

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I need to have more details of your surgery. Did you have surgery to correct Ptosis?  How many surgeries you had? Is it only on one eyelid? You then need evaluation to see the lid movement, incision site etc

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