Post Double Eyelid Surgery and Epi: Problem or Normal? (photo)

I had double eyelid surgery + epicanthoplasty 4 weeks ago and am noticing that my eyes don't look "right". My left eye looks more droopy/lower, hollowed and the crease angle looks different too. Is this because the left eye is just more swollen and is healing slower or is there another issue that will call for a revisional surgery? Also the area where the epi incision was made along the lower lash line is very inflamed and hard, will this go away? Should my eyes still be swollen at this point?

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Swelling after Asian eyelid surgery

Generally you would not have quite this much swelling at this point but it certainly occurs so take heart, give it a few more weeks.  It will change quite a lot over the next 2 to 6 weeks so be patient.  DO NOT be tempted to do something surgically at this point.  Give it a minimum of 4 months before doing anything.  Also, because you're more swollen on your left (in the photo) you are holding your left brow higher making the left crease higher as well.  These things should relax and look more even.  Best of luck.  Chase Lay, MD


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Double eyelid surgery

The left is a little more swollen than the right but I would consider that a good result.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Your before pictures would help

There are two different issues. First you still have swelling and need to wait at least 3 months for the final result. The other issue is the uneven eyes and your before picture can help to see if the asymmetry is due to the surgery or you had it before.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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